Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث

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  • هذا المنتج متاح لدى, Noon, Jumia
  • لدى يمكنك شراء المنتج ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث مع جهاز تتبع اللياقة البدنية/نطاق مخصص لمعدل ضربات القلب/تدريب متقدم على النوم/مراقب نبضات القلب/مستشعر تحليل المعاوقة الكهربائية الحيوية، أسود بسعر 12,950 EGP , الذى 28% أقل سعر من سعرة فى Jumia (17,999 EGP).
  • أفضل سعر ومواصفات ل Galaxy Watch 6 Classic - Bluetooth / Wifi - 47mm - Black تم تحديثة فى أبريل 22, 2024 6:21 م
  • ألاسعار المذكورة توجد فى مصر
  • هذا المنتج متاح لدى, Noon, Jumia
  • لدى يمكنك شراء المنتج ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث مع جهاز تتبع اللياقة البدنية/نطاق مخصص لمعدل ضربات القلب/تدريب متقدم على النوم/مراقب نبضات القلب/مستشعر تحليل المعاوقة الكهربائية الحيوية، أسود بسعر 12,950 EGP , الذى 28% أقل سعر من سعرة فى Jumia (17,999 EGP).
  • أفضل سعر ومواصفات ل Galaxy Watch 6 Classic - Bluetooth / Wifi - 47mm - Black تم تحديثة فى أبريل 22, 2024 6:21 م
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث
أفضل سعر تم تحديثة فى أبريل 23, 2024 11:12 ص
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث


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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث

نوع الشحن نوع C
المادة تركيبة المواد
نوع التوصيل نظام تحديد المواقع
وزن المنتج 59 G
نوع العرض AMOLED
اسم اللون Graphite/Black
حجم السوار قياس موحد (حزام قابل للتعديل)
طول المنتج 46.5 Mm
ارتفاع المنتج 10.9 Mm
عرض/عمق المنتج 46.5 Mm
حجم مينا الساعة الذكية 47 Mm
توافق الماركة Samsung
رقم الموديل SM-R960NZKAMEA / SM-R960NZKAEUE
اسم الموديل Watch6 Classic 47 Mm
عدد القطع 1

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  • 13,280 EGP - أبريل 21, 2024
  • 13,355 EGP - أبريل 20, 2024
  • 13,560 EGP - أبريل 19, 2024
  • 13,820 EGP - أبريل 18, 2024
  • 13,905 EGP - أبريل 16, 2024
  • 13,995 EGP - أبريل 15, 2024
Since: نوفمبر 21, 2023
  • Highest Price: 17,222 EGP - فبراير 16, 2024
  • Lowest Price: 13,280 EGP - أبريل 21, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث Videos


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6 reviews for Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ساعة ذكية سامسونج جالاكسي 6 44 ملم بتقنية البلوتوث

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  1. Hesham T Hegazy

    Awesome watch. Samsung did make an awesome watch this time , considered all flaws they made on previous versions , brightness is awesome, battery life is ok , big and chunky, bigger screen , sapphire protection glass , my only concern is the watch face since I don’t like it , but there are tons of watch faces to choose from on the play store to complete the awesome look

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  2. Dan

    First off, the label next to my name says I’m a VINE VOICE reviewer. That is correct, however, please note that I paid for this watch myself with my own funds and the following are my unbiased and independent comments.I bought this watch brand new about 7 weeks ago. It is the standard 44mm Bluetooth Watch (not Classic, not LTE). This watch takes the best from Samsung (SS) and Google. The features are excellent but please realize that to use them to their full potential, you must use a SS Android Phone that is compatible with the watch. My phone is a SS Galaxy S10+ phone.My experience over the past years with smart watches includes four $300-$400 watches from competitors and none have superseded or matched the performance of this device (excluding battery duration without needing a charge). In addition, I owned the SS Galaxy Watch 5. The Galaxy Watch 6 counters seem accurate when checked with other devices that are calibrated and they are easy to use. For example, I do a lot of walking both indoors and out. The outdoor distance counter and GPS has been right on. When I walk indoors, it’s on a measured track that is exactly one mile. The distance counter on the watch is generally within a couple of percent of the track, which, in my experience, is far superior to those other competitors. With cycling, I’ve found the Galaxy Watch 6 to be great in measuring distances, speeds, heart rate, etc. The SS Health App teams well with the Watch 6.The UI is very similar to, if not identical to the others in the latest SS Galaxy watch family. The apps that are available for this watch are many and I’d guess are all interchangeable.Why did I upgrade from my Galaxy Watch 5? It was primarily due to the Watch 6’s upgrade to the hardware, but to me, it was important to have the technology that will seamlessly connect the watch to a new SS phone when the time comes to upgrade the phone. I understand this feature is available on the Galaxy Watch 6. Earlier versions require you to re-profile the watch settings when you change to a new phone.Did I have any issues with the watch? To begin, as others have noted, battery life could be better, but I am getting 2+ days on a full charge. I’m good with this, even though it is not as good as other brands. As far as recharging the watch, when I first received the watch, it took 2 to 3 hours to recharge, I felt this was excessive. There is the “Samsung Members” app to trouble shoot the device, and in addition, SS can “remote” into the watch through the phone to troubleshoot further. Don’t want to be repetitive, but you need a SS phone for SS Tech Support to do this. After some over the phone troubleshooting with SS and sending the watch back to them under warranty, they found that the charging cable was faulty and was the cause of the long recharge time. SS replaced the cable under warranty (after a 4 week long backorder delay), and now it takes an hour to recharge the watch from 20% to 100%. This is the expected time to recharge the watch. Kudos to SS Service, they were generally responsive in troubleshooting this issue and correcting it.I’m satisfied with this watch, it’s appearance, and all it can do and can recommend it if you are in the market for a new smart watch.

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  3. dt2008

    I have used two fitness trackers in the past: the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Versa 2. I will compare the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 to the Fitbit Versa 2, since it’s the only other smartwatch I have used. I tried the watch with two different Samsung Galaxy smartphones: the S22 Ultra and the Z Flip 5.Pros:- Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has a beautiful, wide-enough display. It was the biggest reason I could never go for a Watch 4 or 5.- 2 side buttons with different customizable shortcut options.- It has both a microphone to dictate text messages, e-mails, commands, etc. AND a loud speaker. You can play back YouTube Music, for example, without bluetooth earbuds.- It has Wi-Fi, so it can connect to your network instead of just your smartphone, which helps with downloading / streaming.- Temperature sensors which can aid better cycle tracking (ovulation timing, etc.)- The watch can consistently charge up an extra 55% in 30 minutes. Great for quick morning or evening routines.- If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with wireless power sharing features, you can place this watch on the back of your smartphone to charge up if you don’t have the watch charger with you and need a top up. If you do have the watch charger, you can plug it into any USB-C smartphone or tablet and pull charge there.- Unlike Fitbit Pay, there are more banking and credit card partners that work in both Google Wallet and Samsung Pay.- You can control playback on your smartphone with the watch.- GPS tracking for long walks and hiking provides a map, similar to Fitbit.Cons:Unfortunately, every Pro also has a con with this watch!- While there is fast charging, the battery life is 24 hours at best. Fitbit Versa or Sense users–be prepared! I turned on the Sleep tracking feature and lost 15% overnight! I charged the watch up to 100% at 6:30 am and by 9:00 pm I was at 34% (Wi-Fi, Location, Bluetooth and NFC were turned on, and I used NFC to set up several credit cards in Samsung Pay). If I turned most of these off, where’s the appeal in a smartwatch?- I initially set up the Galaxy Watch 6 on the S22 Ultra, and it was so confusing. First, I needed to set up the watch in an app called Galaxy Wearable, then I needed to install Samsung Health to get fitness and wellness tracking, but finally I needed Samsung Health Monitor to use the ECG feature of the watch! Of course, each of these apps has its own T&C, privacy policy and profile set ups required!- Samsung Health is presumably made by a Korean company which uses the metric measuring system, but I can only enter in glasses of water in U.S. 8 fluid ounce increments. I understand I purchased the watch in the U.S., but it’s poorly thought out. They should turn on the ability to track food and water intake in metric units, like Fitbit.- The first time I did the ECG test, I had to place 2 fingers on the two different buttons. Three days later, I went to the ECG test again, and had to go through another policy agreement screen and then was told to only use 1 finger. No idea why this has changed. Some information about how it works vs. before would be interesting.- The watch cannot sync your sound settings with your Galaxy smartphone. If I am in a quiet space and put my phone on Silent, the watch cannot sync that setting. I have to manually go into the watch’s control panel and put it on silent. If you use the Modes and Routines function of Samsung’s One UI 5, you’ll know how convenient it is to use Location or Wi-Fi connections to stipulate if your phone should be on silent! Connected to library wi-fi? = phone silent. At home = phone vibrate+sound. If this watch could sync with the smartphone, it’d be truly “smart.”- I feel that the Galaxy Watch 6 overstates my level of activity. It feels like I get a trophy just for puttering about. I walk around the office here and there for 2 minutes and by the time I get back to my desk to leave at the end of the day, it says I’ve reached my level of activity for the day?? Fitbit is more drill sergeant in that regard–I need to actually be moving for a consecutive amount of time and energy level for it to register as “exercise/workout.” No freeby trophies.- I had to figure out through complex swipes how to stop my walking workout–it was not intuitive. The Fitbit uses a simple Flag as the goal icon to end the workout.- Although not fitness related, one of the big draws for this watch was the ability to use Google Wallet since some of my banks do not allow Fitbit Pay. Although Google Wallet works with manager major U.S. credit card issuers, and although one credit card in particular (Discover) could show up in my smartphone’s Google Wallet, it just will NOT allow itself to be sent to the watch’s Google Wallet app.This isn’t Samsung’s fault, I thought. So I decided to try out Samsung Pay. First, the app has to be installed and set up on the phone, which defaults to an annoying Quick Access gesture which is nearly identical to the swipe up to show all apps gesture. I tried multiple times to add the Discover card and several other credit cards, and finally was successful the 3rd time I tried to add. This is after getting multiple frozen screen prompts to Add to Samsung Pay.- The apps that are on the Watch and accompany it on the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, as ever, have English spelling mistakes littered throughout that I have never seen in my Apple Wallet or with Apple Pay. Language Localization should not be so poorly done.- Since I started with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra but was transferring over to a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, I decided to use the Watch > Settings > Transfer to New Phone. This app did not work. It would find the watch 6 when I had the Galaxy Wearable app open on the new Flip 5, then ask if I would agree to automatic updates (optional) – I selected NO – then next. Nothing happened. Blank white screen, and a failure notice on the watch. After 4 attempts and seeing 2 different Galaxy Watch 6 options appear in the new Flip 5’s Galaxy Wearable app for syncing, I finally decided OK FINE I WILL DO THE OPTIONAL AUTOMATIC UPDATES — still a blank white screen. I didn’t want to erase and set up all over again, so I am still on the S22 Ultra. I do not know if this is a Google WearOS issue or a Samsung issue, but it was a sour experience.- Another USB-C to USB-C device with no charger brick or USB-A adapter. At the very least, a C to A adapter would have been nice and of very little weight to help bridge the hurdle to an all USB-C world.Beautiful, stylish smartwatch with a gorgeous screen is ruined by software quirks of Google WearOS and Samsung’s fragmented health-related apps. Maybe progressive updates will fix this. Do you want to gamble $299 on a maybe?

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  4. Jay

    I am overall very happy with the 44mm Watch 6, it is comfortable, non-obtrusive, and stylish when I want it to be.I am very glad I didn’t get the version with the rotating bezel, because this sleeker version provides the same functionality if you simply rotate your finger around the edge.The band that it comes with is comfortable.The sleep function works very well, and provides what I consider valuable and actionable insights.The pulse oximeter is slow and intermittent.The ECG function is nice, if somewhat redundant if you’re relatively healthy; you always get ‘Sinus Rhythm’. I suppose if you get anything else, you should see your doctor, but I would imagine that’s a one time thing.The stress function is useful and appears to be accurate.The Samsung health app is good, but not as flexible as one may desire with a watch of this capability.Battery life is pretty terrible, if you are constantly monitoring pulse, and turn on features that are the reason why you purchased this watch, (advanced sleep, always on display, etc.) you should expect no more than 24 hours of battery.The upside is that it recharges in about an hour.The blood pressure capability is not functional, it would be nice if Samsung provided some guidance as to when it will be available. I was shocked to find, after purchasing, that it didn’t work, even though it says it’s supported, and currently works on the Watch 5.Without the critical BP function, combined with the battery life and sketchy SpO2 sensor, it is still a pleasurably useful watch own, likely the best available as of this review.But it’s not five stars.

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  5. Princhessa

    Very easy setup if you already have a Samsung account, phone, etc… I literally didn’t have to do much at all – registering it online with the SN visible on the back side of the watch was so easy – and seemed to automatically connect with phone. I swear, I blinked and was set up!It’s been as far back as the when I replaced my first Galaxy watch (was it a 2?) with the Fitbit Charge, and from then forward I was enjoying the FB’s app and displays, and cheaper pricing. I stuck with that.This Galaxy comes out at a time shortly after Google purchasing FB, and the changes are just not as appealing. I wanted something more universal, so I’ve returned to GalaxyWatch!It is heavier than I’d thought it would be, but even that and the extra thickness after wearing it for a few hours, I’m not even noticing it. I currently have the FB on the right wrist, and Galaxy on left.Figuring out how to use some of the features like O2 and ECG was a little tricky, but it gives you a step by step both on the phone and/or on the watch itself and walks you through it. On the O2, if you’re not holding it like it says – it doesn’t actually prompt to start. That had me flustered for a bit until finally the button was there to start.Setting targets for weight/muscle/fat% was a bit confusing, but a simple Google search led to some clarity, and even that’s set up now with my first 2 week goal. Use the watch to scan for body composition, and then step on a scale and record that to get your starting numbers… then there’s a button to add a target. It would be nice to be able to set up several targets at once, but will have to revisit and set those small goals or just set a larger goal and watch progress as you go. I set only the weight as target and it adjusted the rest to match up. If you try to enter all 3 manually, you’re likely to get an error because it doesn’t quite match up between the 3 figures. Pick one and done!So, yes… only a few hours in, but these are the highlights I noticed in my excitement to share… so many clock faces available, so many customizable settings for each of the faces as well… FB was only just really getting to this point. Be wary, they’re not all free… but there are more than enough free ones, and the ones I saw for a price, were 0.49 and 0.99 – definitely manageable if it’s a must have!I’ll have to revisit this review as I get more acquainted and find more pluses and minuses!PS – size… since I was going with the Classic, I hoped as I ordered the 43mm would be big enough for my aging eyes – and yes, it is perfectly fine! I’m actually thankful I did not go with the 47mm, because this one is just perfect. I do not have petite arms, but I do have smaller wrists, and it looks just fine. I would say, if you’re very petite, and/or dainty… the regular 6 in the smaller of the 2 options is probably better. But I wouldn’t go with the 47mm unless you really have a larger arm or it really may seem too big/bulky.Definitely glad I bit during the pre-order!

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  6. G.A.

    I bought this kind of on a whim. I’m usually an analog guy, but I was keen to use the fitness capabilities of a smart watch and this popped up on pre-order special. So, with that being said, my review is tailored toward the fitness aspect.TLDR: The watch is fine, but in the future I would simply get a heartrate monitor or a fitness-centric watch. Or, on the other end, I would get a top-of-the line smartwatch.1 – Samsung Health works well and provides a lot of data to your phone. It tracks your heart rate over the course of your workout and has a nice display of where your beats are in regards to various “zones” of cardiovascular exercise. At the end of your workout you can view your results and analyze a fair amount of data. That gets a plus from me.2 – Does not do well tracking “active time” when in the gym. On the watch there are three measurements taken throughout the day. They are steps, active time, and calories burned. If I spend 90 minutes lifting weights the watch does not track this as active time because ( I assume) of the rest periods in between sets.3 – Body fat analysis and tracking is hit and miss. I measure myself every day right after my morning pee and in 3 days I have gone from 13% – 7% – 14%. Obviously, it’s best to track this stat over a longer period of time, but when the results vary so wildly from day to day I begin to question the reliability of the measurement. This is a neutral or neutral + for me. It’s good to track over the long run, but I’m not sure the complete accuracy.3 – The standard issue strap, when worn how I normally wear a watch, comes unclipped way too often. The release button sits right on my wrist bone which cause the thing to come unclipped. Instructions included say to wear it higher on your wrist/forearm, but the position to look at the watch becomes uncomfortable the higher up your wrist it goes not to mention how…uncool that looks. I would not take this in the ocean, a pool, or any sort of extreme sport. Even running results in an unclipped watch. FYI: Literally as I type this paragraph I tried adjusting its position on my wrist as I write this and it came unclipped. Big Negative.4 – Sleep tracking appears to work fine, but I’m not really sure. Neutral.5 – Watch face is customizable. I like to add pictures of my loved ones/pets on the home screen. That gets a plus.6 – Battery lasts probably 2 days? I usually charge it for an hour or two in the morning and it works fine. If you’re on the go a lot or perhaps a little more hectic I can see battery life being an issue, but for me it’s not really a big deal. Neutral.7 – Using apps on the watch itself is a little tricky because of the limited User Interface and the small screen. I usually start an app on my phone and let the watch record the data. Texting is pretty hard on the small screen, but it does come with a bunch of pre-loaded responses and the ability to send a voice note. If you plan on using this watch as a substitute for you phone I generally recommend against it.8 – Banking/tap-to-pay works fine, but I don’t really use it that much.9 – Golfing apps like the Grint or 18 Birdies take too long to refresh on the watch. If you want to stand over your shot for 2+ minutes ever shot, then go for it. But I’ve given up on using this thing as a range-finder.Anyway, I would probably not buy this again. I would look for a highly tailored fitness watch.

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